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Prompt, Reliable Statewide Service

Iron Horse Legal Services: Owned and operated by lawyers, and staffed
by attorney-trained legal professionals



Iron Horse was founded in 2010 by lawyers who needed more than they were getting from their courier and legal service vendors.

The good news for you: We deliver the same high level of service and professionalism to law firms, banks and title companies that we provide to our sister entity, the Folks Hess Kass law firm.


 On-Line Ordering, Tracking

Convenient, Efficient. Save valuable time in your workday, speed your order entry process, and know that you will be informed on the delivery at every step. Our convenient online ordering and tracking system greatly reduces the need for telephone inquiries and confirmation.

custom pricing

No Price Sheets. Your rates are tailored to your needs and situation. And we offer quantity discounts to our high-volume clients.

lawyer-trained staff

We Speak Your Language. Our delivery staff understands lawyers’ needs and the importance of meeting lawyers’ expectations.

Carmen Ruff has almost 30 years of paralegal experience specific to foreclosures and title issues.

Mary Ann Hess, an attorney with over 18 years of experience, is also a former legal secretary, paralegal and Superior Court employee with extensive experience in training staff to interact with court personnel and efficiently address clients' needs.


commitment to your deadlines

We know the complexities and time sensitivity of legal matters and the value of client satisfaction.

Service of Process. You need timely, aggressive process service to trigger your litigation timelines and meet other deadlines. We go the extra mile for you – late at night, early morning, holidays – to ensure that your needs are met.

Legal Document Filing. Our attorney-trained staff of former court employees, legal secretaries and paralegals understand litigation, high-stakes legal matters, and complex court filings – start to finish.

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If your courier service is not satisfying your expectations, join the growing number of Phoenix-area law offices, banks and title companies switching to the easy access of Iron Horse Legal. Start now!


Larry Folks

"I created Iron Horse because I was tired of bad service."

Larry O. Folks, Attorney, Folks Hess Kass, PLLC

"For years, our law firm put up with courier services that did not understand our business or consistently meet our clients' deadlines. So we started our own courier company – to bring the same high level of service and professionalism to law firms, banks and title companies that we provide to our own firm."